How we discovered DWJ

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> How did other people make the discovery?

I was about 11 or 12 when I was browsing the library's children's section
for something new to read and noticed Charmed Life in Finnish translation
(at that point I didn't know other languages well enough to read books in
them). After finishing the book I turned immediately back to the first page
and started it again (the only time this has ever happened to me!) i.e. I
was hooked.

It was several years before I read another DWJ, I think it was sometime
after I was 14 and had spent a month on a language course in Britain. I had
read my first book in English the previous winter and while in Britain
bought quite a lot of books and comics. Sometime after that I also
discovered that I could order books the bookstore or the library didn't have
through my bookstore. The rest is history...

 A few local (large) bookstores have always had an ok selection of English
books (including sf/f) for sale, but as DWJ is categorised as children's lit
I've almost always had to specially order her books (this was before I had a
credit card and Amazon existed...), but nowadays I do have almost all of


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