How we discovered DWJ

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Fri Apr 19 12:24:50 EDT 2002

 --- "Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC)" <Kylie.Ding at>
> How did other people make the discovery?

My first DWJ story was either Hexwood or that short
story with the dragons and hero who could read minds.
Hexwood was a school book which I read when I was
about nine/ten or so, recommended to me by a friend. I
liked the way that I couldn't make sense of it to
begin with, but it came together by the end. The short
story was in a collection of science fiction I
borrowed from the library.

I read various DWJ books here and there now and again,
such as "Charmed Life" and "A Tale of Time City", but
it wasn't until last summer when I had six glorious
weeks without any work to worry about that I made the
connection between "DWJ has written some very good
books", "DWJ has written lots more books I haven't
read" and "I can get all those DWJ books through the
library for free". The rest, as they say, is history.

Caleb W.

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