How we discovered DWJ (w/Spellcoats follow-up)

Nat Case ncase at
Fri Apr 19 11:58:44 EDT 2002

My mother's old French teacher, an Englishwoman named Miss Vickery, 
was the closest thing I had to a godparent. She found out I really 
liked Penelope Farmer, Astrid Lindgren's THE BROTHERS LIONHEART, and 
Susan Cooper, and gave me the Puffin 
swirly-watercolor-flying-kids-in-bell-bottoms cover THE OGRE 
DOWNSTAIRS. The rest is history.

By the way, re: the older discussion of what era SPELLCOATS was set, 
I noticed last night that very early in the book it talks about the 
soldiers wearing "scarlet rugcoats with still suits under them," 
which would imply some ways into the iron age... This may already 
have been mentioned and settled, but it stuck out at me

Nat Case

At 8:20 PM -0400 4/18/02, Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) wrote:
>There seem to be a few people on the list who discoverd DWJ through Harry
>Potter related recommendations.  I discovered DWJ when I was in school and
>was reading everything in the library.  Dogsbody was one of the library
>books I took out.
>How did other people make the discovery?
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