the merlin conspiracy (was Re: How we discovered DWJ)

christian nutt ferricide at
Fri Apr 19 07:04:08 EDT 2002

>From: Venkarel
>Oh, and there is a new bulletin up at
> about _The Merlin Conspiracy_.
>Whee, more Magids and Nick, too.

oh, i do love these. i swear, i'm a DWJ addict. i like to read her messages 
on the webpage as much as her novels. i think it's her particular style and 
personality that just come through no matter what that i love.

and i'm a huge deep secret fan, so this news is very excellent indeed.

as to the news about the howl's film, i'm not surprised. studio ghibli 
already have their 2002 release planned -- it's a film about cats, although 
that's all i can remember about it. i already know it is going to be 
shameful how much money i spend on imported japanese howl's goods as soon as 
they start appearing (probably during the promotional run up to the film.) 
i'm a huge anime fan as well as a huge dwj fan and this is going to 
culminate in some rather frivolous purchases at places like i'm 

christian, who is practically quivering with excitement for things that 
won't be available for a year or more

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