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Fri Apr 19 06:30:38 EDT 2002

> >How did other people make the discovery?
> >
> >Kylie

I can remember this very well - I was about nine, I
think, and my classroom at the time was in a
portakabin, and there was a case of books for us to
read during the 'quiet reading periods', and in it
there was this Puffin book called 'Charmed Life', and
the cover had a picture of a rather foppish man and a
rather dull-lloking blond boy , standing in a
grey-green swirl. 

I read quite a lot of stuff that year (including 'The
Armourer's House' by Rosemary Sutcliff, which I cannot
find *anywhere* now) but got round to it eventually,
and was pretty much blown over by it - CL is still my
DWJ spirit level. I probably read it about three times
that year, and started reading the other books from
the library at the same time. 

I've got them all now, but in a variety of editions
ranging from the very battered (CL - same edition as
the one I frist read, but I am happy to say I didn't
steal the actual copy - think it was a close-run thing
though ;) to the brand spanking new (the Dalemark
books, YOTG, etc)


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