How we discovered DWJ

Katarina Hjärpe head_overheels at
Fri Apr 19 05:24:57 EDT 2002

>There seem to be a few people on the list who discoverd DWJ through Harry
>Potter related recommendations.  I discovered DWJ when I was in school and
>was reading everything in the library.  Dogsbody was one of the library
>books I took out.
>How did other people make the discovery?

Oh my, I read such an awful lot as a child I can't remember which DWJ book 
was the first one I read. It's quite possible it was Dogsbody. The first DWJ 
book I *owned* was Powers of Three, bought from the Swedish book club 
Läseklubben like most of my library at that time. The book cover is by Hans 
Arnold, one of my favourite illustrators. You can see some other things he 
has done here: - the site is in Swedish but the 
pics are universal. :-)


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