How we discovered DWJ

Venkarel venkarel.geo at
Fri Apr 19 01:30:50 EDT 2002

I'm pretty sure my first book was _Fire and Hemlock_,
picked up at a library sale.  The edition with the
flamy woman on the orange horse which I alone seem to
like.  That's what attracted me to it.  I empathized
with Polly and was jealous that she had a benefactor
supplying her with all these books.  Little details
still stick with me to this day, like the short story
about the double memories, how Polly isn't supposed to
lay a book facedown because it ruins the spine, how 
Thomas didn't like to be called Uncle Tom because of
_Uncle Tom's Cabin_, and how he reprimanded Polly for
borrowing from Tolkien, how she got her hair so dirty
playing football and doing hero training that it took
several washings and combings to get all the dirt and
lice out.  I especially remember how he thought her
"silken back" description was sentimental drivel.  I
don't think I ever thought of the human back again
without considering the warts and blackheads and
pimples and such things.

But that was just my first book, when I just enjoyed
the story and disregarded the author.  I don't
remember when I start getting turned onto DWJ and
checking out all her books from the library, but
_Howl's Moving Castle_ probably had a lot to do with
it.  Later on, it was _Deep Secret_ that made me
decide to read through DWJ's books again.  It wasn't
until I started reading dwjml that I started reading
things like the Dalemark Quartet, _Hexwood_,
_Dogsbody_,_A Sudden Wild Magic_, _The Ogre
Downstairs_, _Archer's Goon_.  I'm fortunate that my
public library had nearly all of her books.  I'm
slowing adding onto my personal library so I can
reread the books whenever I want.

Oh, and there is a new bulletin up at about _The Merlin Conspiracy_. 
Whee, more Magids and Nick, too.


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