How we discovered DWJ

christian nutt ferricide at
Fri Apr 19 01:05:28 EDT 2002

>From: Rebecca Ganetzky
>Pardon me, but that was the first copy of any DWJ book I ever read.
>I still have that copy and treasure it greatly!  And I like the
>artwork, so be nice to it (just kidding...mostly)

i dunno...i still treasure my copy of LoCC that matches that, but the art is 
something else. something else than good. =) i really need to replace my 
LoCC with a hardback sometime soon, since it's from 1989 and falling to 
bits. of course, i could never get rid of the original.


another PS: i find the art for DWJ's books mostly disappointing. in fact, i 
can think of very few that i'd even call "decent" in my collection. one of 
which is my archer's goon, which has a neat cover. it's from the 80s, US PB. 
i don't see a pic of it on the web. i may have to scan the DWJ editions i 
have that aren't available online.

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