How we discovered DWJ

Janice Oliveira jeo13 at
Fri Apr 19 01:00:30 EDT 2002

Hi all,

I'm delurking for a minute to jump in here.

I first discovered DWJ through a friend of mine--we both love a lot of the 
same books and trade books and suggestions a lot.  Anyway, when we were in 
fifth grade, (about 11 years ago), she read Fire and Hemlock and then 
brought it to me to read.  I read it twice, cover to cover, and still felt 
I must be missing something...but I was intrigued.  Soon after that, the 
same friend discovered five other DWJ's and brought those to me, too.  I 
was instantly hooked with the opening passage of Dogsbody, and a permanent 
DWJ fan after finishing that book, LOCC, Howl, Charmed Life, and Archer's 
Goon.  I remember all these intense philosophical letters we wrote and 
discussions we had over those books.  I think we were both convinced DWJ 
was in on some big "secret" of the universe.  As long as we were enjoying 
ourselves!  :)

Unfortunately, we quickly exhausted the small supply of DWJ we could get in 
braille or on tape (we're both blind)...until a few years ago when Hexwood 
suddenly appeared, followed by several others...of course I was 
ecstatic.  :-)  I've always been meaning to reread F&H and hopefully get a 
more complete idea of that story...maybe something to finally do this summer?

Well, I guess that's it for me at the moment.  Everyone have a great day.

Janice and Pavarotti (my black lab guide dog :-))

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