How we discovered DWJ

christian nutt ferricide at
Fri Apr 19 00:14:30 EDT 2002

>From: "Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC)"
>How did other people make the discovery?

this is not much of a story. when i was 12 (or thereabouts) and the 
appropriate age to be browsing in the 'intermediate' section of the 
bookstore, my mother took me book shopping after a dentist's appointment. my 
mom would take me book shopping a lot, actually. i didn't complain. =)

i used to just browse for books in that section of the store, with no idea 
what any of them were about besides the copy on the back cover. quite often 
i walked away with something along the lines of "my teacher is an alien and 
i am going to wish i get turned into a dog so we can stop the world from 
being turned into a mall so we can go to the dance together" type stuff.

i picked out lives of christopher chant despite the cover illustration. i 
can't find it online, but it goes along with this edition of charmed life, 
and is similar but actually *worse*. (it depicts christopher's first meeting 
with dr. pawson, without any of the visual excitement you might expect. 
maybe they were trying to go for christopher's 'vague' look.)

shortly after reading LoCC which left me absolutely stunned and delighted, i 
ran out and bought that edition of CL. =) then i lucked into a nice 
seventies hardback of CL that i still treasure -- with neat and utterly 
dated artwork -- which was in the bargain books section of my local kmart, 
along with warlock at the wheel. i devoured those. intermittently i'd take 
DWJ books out of the library (i remember having some difficulty with fire 
and hemlock and thinking howl was decent from around that time, but i didn't 
buy either until much later after i'd rediscovered DWJ.)


PS: i'll fire back a survey question. since i brought up 'warlock at the 
wheel,' what's everyone's favorite DWJ short story? i'd have to vote for 'a 
plague of peacocks' or 'dragon reserve home eight,' i think.

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