How we discovered DWJ

Daphne Lee daphne at
Thu Apr 18 22:26:27 EDT 2002

I found Time of The Ghost (which remains my favourite DWJ book) at a market stall in Singapore, when I was 19 (16 years ago). The synopsis on the jacket just sounded intriguing and intriguing it was, not to mnetion funny, creepy and imagination-expanding ;-)

I didn't see another DWJ till I was 29. Can you believe it??? 10 years to wait to continuing reading her books. Funny, but although I was in England for several years in the 90s, I never could find any DWJs.

Anyway, there are now DWJ book in Malaysia -- thanks to Harry Potter's popularity. I have about 20 of her books. Fire & hemlock is my second DWJ. I found thatin a second hand shop in Kuala Lumpur -- hardback and in mint condition. I bought a few more off Amazon and the rest through a book group I belong to. They are library rejects and rather old but I love them.

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