How we discovered DWJ

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzk at
Thu Apr 18 21:12:07 EDT 2002

My second grade class contained three DWJ freaks, and they got 
_everyone_ hooked on Dogsbody.  I was a non-conformist and refused to 
read it, but I guess my teacher figured out that I was secretly 
intrigued and loaned me Charmed Life, so that I could experience DWJ 
and still be different.  (I read CL, and the LofCC, and then TC 
before I finally agreed to read Dogsbody, long after everyone else 
had already read it and moved on...)

>There seem to be a few people on the list who discoverd DWJ through Harry
>Potter related recommendations.  I discovered DWJ when I was in school and
>was reading everything in the library.  Dogsbody was one of the library
>books I took out.
>How did other people make the discovery?
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