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On Wed, 17 Apr 2002 14:39:50 +0100 Philip.Belben at powertech.co.uk wrote:

> > I do wonder what they will do with the reissue of Witch Week, though. It
> > does include some racist remarks (very 1970s dialogue though), but then
> > racism is unfortunately still part of life now. Editing out a few words
> > might also lessen the impact of the bullies, although Buster's 'colourful
> > language' seems very tame for 2002!
> Are you sure you're not thinking of Wilkins' Tooth?
Yes. Just a case of brain not connecting with the keyboard!

> I can't remember any racism in Witch Week, and Buster is certainly in WT not WW.
> As for Buster's language, I don't for a moment imagine that he actually used the
> colour words that appear in the text.  This is just a standard way of
> representing "colourful" obscenities in print.  It also leads up nicely to jokes
> like "Between the Devil and the deep blue Buster" - one more good reason not to
> update it!
> But I agree that remarks like "If his eye offend thee, b1ack it.  But Vernon's
> black already, so it won't show" are both typical of children's attitudes, and
> strongly disapproved ov by the political correctness brigate :-(
> (Ironic that in 1972, Buster's remark about Vernon, "Orange nig", is implicitly
> censored in the adjective, whereas now the censorship would only be applied to
> the noun...)
> Philip.

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