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> Michelle wrote:
>> Also, in Elizabeth Goudge's A Little
>> White Horse (anyone detecting a theme?), in the new edition, Maria doesn't
>> carry a reticule, she has a pocket. If you don't know what a reticule is,
>> surely you could look it up?  A pocket isn't the same thing at all!
> I thought they were the same at the time - both little fabric pouches (hence
> pockets) for carrying around small things you might need - just as we use
> the sewn in pockets in our clothes today.
> As in:
> Lucy Locket lost her pocket
> Kitty Fisher found it.... (I forget the rest).
> Is a reticule different? I had always assumed it was not.
> Anita
I understood - maybe I was wrong - that its more like a small bag or purse,
sometime spelt ridicule.  Its not like a pocket sewn into the lining of your
clothes, though it does make sense in terms of the nursery rhyme, which
might equally puzzle kids today - how can you lose a pocket?  Maybe pocket
and reticule were the same thing, reticule is just a posher word, which fits
with Maria being an aristocrat.  Sorry - rambling!  I like linguistic things
like this.  But still, why change it for the new edition?


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