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Rowena Macrae-Gibson rowena.macrae-gibson at brunel.ac.uk
Wed Apr 17 06:53:21 EDT 2002

One of the many silly things about updating stories (apart from 
interrupting the flow of the original) is that DWJ's books are very 
evocative of the time they were written. Witch Week, Ogre, Power of Three
Dogsbody & Eight Days of Luke all remind me of my 70s childhood, and don't 
need to be updated to include mobile phones, cds, TV remotes etc in order 
for todays children to understand them. 
Though know I think about it the TV adaptation of Goon did update things to 
the (then) present, with Howard using a PC to design spaceships, rather 
than (good old fashioned) pen & paper.
I do wonder what they will do with the reissue of Witch Week, though. It 
does include some racist remarks (very 1970s dialogue though), but then 
racism is unfortunately still part of life now. Editing out a few words 
might also lessen the impact of the bullies, although Buster's 'colourful 
language' seems very tame for 2002!

I love The Ogre Downstairs, it makes me laugh out loud every time I re-read 
it! Rowena

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