Re new US Ogre downstairs

Michelle Thomas michellet at
Wed Apr 17 05:02:02 EDT 2002

> It's quite fascinating to see just how badly it
> was done. Does anyone know what sort of person
> would be given the job?
<creeping out of my lurking lair>

Hello again,

I don't know whose unfortunate job it would be to do this, but it doesn't
just happen to Diana Wynne Jones!  If anyone is horsey, they might remember
the 'Jill' books by Ruby Ferguson.  These have all been reissued with money
bought up to date and other changes, which is actually more incongruous as
they are obviously old-fashioned, everyone has a cook and someone to look
after their grounds, and the girls all talk innocently about having crushes
on other girls and female teachers.  Also, in Elizabeth Goudge's A Little
White Horse (anyone detecting a theme?), in the new edition, Maria doesn't
carry a reticule, she has a pocket. If you don't know what a reticule is,
surely you could look it up?  A pocket isn't the same thing at all!

Its a weird practise, as I would imagine most children understand that
things were a bit different in the past, and would just accept the


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