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On Mon, 15 Apr 2002, Madeline "Flourish" wrote:

|Deborah said:
|> A few months ago I finally sat down with all four books and made
|> a family tree, complete with all aliases.  I'll scan it in and
|> post it tonight, and people can tell me if I got it wrong
|> anywhere.  (I did one of these for the Voigt kingdom books, too.)
|Wow, that's very cool. Do you include Maewen, Moril, Mitt, etc, or only the
|first tier of the family? It would be interesting to see, especially since
|Maewen's father talks about their connections to Amil and Clennen (and
|therefore to the Adon and Osfameron/Wend/Tanamoril). One does wonder if
|Clennen knew that Osfameron and Tanamoril were the same person, as he named
|Moril after both of them.

Here you go.  Contains *major spoilers* for the four books.
Everyone tell me if I'm wrong about anything, or if my
handwriting is awful.  I should chart this out on the computer
somewhere to make it clearer.  "=" between two names means
they're married.  "=" under a name means it's a possible direct
translation for the name.

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