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--- Ven <vendersleighc at> wrote:
> As some of you will know, Brust is a long term
> member of a writers' group called the Scribblies.
> Members have included Brust, Emma Bull, Will
> Shetterly, Patricia Wrede, Pamela Dean and Kara
> Dalkey. 

at the Minicon panel "Scribblies Reunion," the panel
members were Steve, Emma, Will, Pamela, and Nate
Bucklin.  i think Nate Bucklin is the only former
member you missed, but i'm not sure.

> The one I always wonder about in
> in TSTM&TS is the one whose work the narrator
> despises yet makes the first real sales. It's
> fair to add that this perception of the
> narrator's appears to be flawed. 

it's Patricia C. Wrede.  during the panel, it was
mentioned that she's the one who sold the first book,
before the Scribblies got together.  at some point she
was mentioned and Brust said something to the effect
of "I don't want to talk about Pat."  also, when he
was describing his theory of how different writers
seem to write with different rhythms, someone asked
about Wrede and he described her as having sort of a
4/4, but not as driving as Emma's, and as he said it,
it was clear that he thought her 4/4 was the boring
kind and he didn't like it much.
incidentally he thought Emma's writing has a driving
rock 4/4 (of which he was obviously fond), and that he
himself writes in a jig (except _Brokedown Palace_,
which was written in a slow waltz).


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