DWJ in Dublin

Ding, Kylie (KAM.RIC) Kylie.Ding at kline.com
Tue Apr 16 20:34:33 EDT 2002

Yes, it was me!

It was Swancon, which is the state science fiction convention.  Which is
also occasionally the national science fiction convention (it was last year
and will be next year), but this year that is the convention in Melbourne.


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> Ros:
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> >>  I didn't forget you lot!  But we've just heard a report on a con
> >>  there, and I'm sure there were others.
> >
> >Can you recall what con that was?
> Of *course* I can't recall any such thing.  Wasn't it Kylie?  This is 
> NOT that I can't remember as I found it uninteresting, and NOT that I 
> can't tell you Australians apart, just that I was reading with the 
> detached eyes of jealousy. :)  Have you not told us about a few such 
> events, Kylie?
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