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Rebecca wrote that
>Laurie said:
>And now for soemthing completely different: I 
recently read Briar 
>Rose, by Jane Yolen, and enjoyed it very much. 
Are the other books 
>in the Fairy  Tale series worth tracking down? I

think there is ine 
>called "The Nightingale," and another by Steven 
Brust--any thoughts? 
>I tried Snow White, Rose Red already and just 
could not get into it.>

<I would say try Snow White, Rose red again -- I 
really enjoy it!  >

I never quite got into this one, it just didn't
quite get the essence of the original tale irrc.

Lint's Jack the Gaint-Killer (now published in a 
one book for two 
volumes as Jack of Kinrowan) is wonderful.  
Pamela Dean's Tam Lin is 
fun, although not as good as F&H 
(obviously...sorry F&H is my 
favorite book).  Nightengale is okay.  I had fun 
with it mainly 
because I was studying that period of Japenese 
history at the time. >

I really would like a copy of this one. Irrc it's
by Kara Dalkey, my opinion of her books is
variable (Steel Rose is great, I only bought the
first in the Blood of a Goddess series).

<Sun, Moon and Stars is not _as good_, imho, but 
it's still a good 

Brust is a favourite of mine, I find this a very
intriguing book, very rereadable. 

As some of you will know, Brust is a long term
member of a writers' group called the Scribblies.
Members have included Brust, Emma Bull, Will
Shetterly, Patricia Wrede, Pamela Dean and Kara
Dalkey. All worth looking at IMO. The fairytale
series is not the only Windling project that
members have been involved in. And that's all a
preamble for saying that I have always wanted to
match the studio sharing painters in The Sun the
Moon and the Stars with
various scribblies. The exhibtion they are
planning sort of matches them doing the Liavek
shared world thingy you see........ I'm pretty
certain that there are no perfect matches but
it's a fun game. The one I always wonder about in
in TSTM&TS is the one whose work the narrator
despises yet makes the first real sales. It's
fair to add that this perception of the
narrator's appears to be flawed. 


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