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Ven vendersleighc at
Tue Apr 16 19:39:59 EDT 2002

Hallo Christian, nice to see you again 
you wrote
<re: ogre changes

what i've been doing is rereading the new US 
edition while the crap edition 
is fresh in my mind and anytime i hit a part 
where "that seems different!" 
i've been comparing. so far i've been spot-on, 
although it's altogether 
possible i've missed something. i'll post the 
results later on. there are 
changes aplenty, and "commercial pop" isn't the 
only one. i've been marking 
up my copy of the crap edition with a highlighter

so the changes are 
immortalized. i can post them later when i'm 
through with the book.>

It's quite fascinating to see just how badly it
was done. Does anyone know what sort of person
would be given the job?

I just picked up the British hardback of A Sudden
Wild Magic (red flamy cover) for 2 squid from the
charity shop across the road. I'd already got the
US hardback, sickly green cover, horrible picture
of Gladys (I'm afraid I already know of a good
home for the spare, when I decide which one that
is). Anyhow, getting a new copy prompted me to a
reread and I was just so convinced the text had
been radically changed ......... until I dug out
the earlier copy and found it to be identical.
I've had the feeling before that I notice things
differently in different editions of the same


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