DWJ in Dublin

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Apr 16 14:33:38 EDT 2002


>>  I didn't forget you lot!  But we've just heard a report on a con
>>  there, and I'm sure there were others.
>Can you recall what con that was?

Of *course* I can't recall any such thing.  Wasn't it Kylie?  This is 
NOT that I can't remember as I found it uninteresting, and NOT that I 
can't tell you Australians apart, just that I was reading with the 
detached eyes of jealousy. :)  Have you not told us about a few such 
events, Kylie?

>  > Would it make up to you for it, if I got a book signed for you???
>>  (I'd better watch out for the travel jinx, and not count on this yet!)
>Are you kidding? I'd kiss your feet...well, maybe there's no need to go that
>far, even if I could get to Dublin to do it...but you get the picture. :-)

I'm trying not to get TOO much of one, Ros. ;)  No need for any feet 
kissing at all, I assure you.  I'd be pleased to do this. 
IF...<crosses fingers>


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