ogre downstairs -- behold the crap edition! (lengthy, and spoily)

catherine wright crachelwright at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Apr 16 07:55:12 EDT 2002

 --- christian nutt <ferricide at hotmail.com> wrote: > >
"I wonder you can hear these," he said. "They're
> coated with dust. Hasn't 
> anyone ever told you to keep LP's clean? You're
> ruining them and your 
> stylus." here caspar says he's lost his 'cleaner'.
> "You can borrow mine, if 
> you're careful with it. I've got one of those
> attachments now. Thanks, 
> anyway. I'd better go and give these a clean."
> for what it's worth, since i started on tapes as a
> kid, save for when i was 
> really tiny -- i was born in 1977 -- i have no clue
> about anything decent 
> when it comes to turntables. so "one of those
> attachments" is meaningless to 
> me, except to assume it automatically cleans records
> as they play, or 
> something. =) 

As you supposed, it is something that cleans as you
play the record - not hard to figure out at all, so a
big fat chiz to Macmillan! My father has one on his
70s turntable - it's attached to the head of the
needle arm, and is a small roller which dusts up after
the needle.

IIRC it's 'discotheque' in the UK version (the Puffin
pb) - I remember thinking how funny and out-of-date it
sounded (I too was born in 77). 


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