ogre downstairs -- behold the crap edition! (lengthy, and spoily)

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Apr 16 07:32:31 EDT 2002

>yes, i have now officially christened the altered 1996 UK edition of 
>the ogre downstairs the "crap edition". =)

Oh good.  That's much easier than having to talk about "that 
Macmillan pb edition with the purple hand holding the purple test 
tube on the cover - you *know* the one I mean, the one that got all 
the horrible changes made to it" every time. :)

Thanks for doing this, Christian - as the unproud owner of the crap 
edition, who's never even read any other copy, I very much appreciate 
knowing exactly what to look for in the new ones!

>anyway, that's all i have found. maybe i should write a faq. whew. 
>i'm done. ^_^;;

:)  List tradition would hold that you should have told us here what 
food you were planning to revive yourself with!  Crisps or doughnuts 
would be appropriate for the book, but the choice is yours (she says 
graciously). :)


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