dwj thread on r.a.sf.w - moving back to Spellcoats

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Tue Apr 16 07:31:48 EDT 2002

>>>  There is a thread entitled The Novels of Diana Wynne Jones happening in
>>>  rec.arts.sf.written at the moment.
>>>  Kylie
>>Can it take a while to appear? I've gone to this newsgroup and it isn't
>>there (yet?)...
>I found it near the bottom of the page (on the web version).  Interesting,
>though not a lot of substantial conversation yet.

It's getting better - I saw it with three messages in the thread 
first, and when it was updated next, was all the way up to - wait for 
it - four!  But this morning there were sixteen or so.

It's interesting how emotional rules reason on reading these things, 
isn't it?  I *know* these "The Novels of..." threads start off with 
purely personal takes on books, and the person who started this one 
off is obviously very much a fan, but I still got quite annoyed over 
the Dalemark quartet - NO, Drowned Ammet is NOT the weakest!  It may 
be some (even many?) people's least favourite, but I don't think 
"weak" is fair all the same.  Yes, I'm still acknowledging my 
irrationality on this point. :)

Got me thinking about the series again.  I know you're right, Ven, 
about not doing the whole series.  Not that we couldn't take on that 
kind of committment, but that it's a bit much for the person/people 
who dislike the whole quartet.  I'd only remembered a lot of people 
having one clear UNfavourite in the lot.  Selfish as it is, I'd still 
love for us to do it, I must admit.  But I'll have to make do with 
Deborah's family tree for now, I guess.


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