An introduction, and Re: Spellcoats (minor Spoiler)

Madeline "Flourish" flourish at
Mon Apr 15 20:21:12 EDT 2002

Hello, all! I'm Madeline, and I'm a DWJ fan.

Let's try that again.

I'm Maddy, a teenager from California, and DWJ is just one of my Brit
fantasy favorites. I was very glad to find other DWJ fans, and I'm
especially exctied to find other Dalemark fans - everyone seems to be into
"Moving Castle" or Chrestomanci, which I enjoy, but not so much. :)

If anyone is interested in DWJ fan fiction, I've started a list for that at - since this list is most likely not
the place for such. :) I'm trying to get the word out, so interested
persons, come and raise the average age of our group from 14 to 18. ^^

Deborah said:
> A few months ago I finally sat down with all four books and made
> a family tree, complete with all aliases.  I'll scan it in and
> post it tonight, and people can tell me if I got it wrong
> anywhere.  (I did one of these for the Voigt kingdom books, too.)

Wow, that's very cool. Do you include Maewen, Moril, Mitt, etc, or only the
first tier of the family? It would be interesting to see, especially since
Maewen's father talks about their connections to Amil and Clennen (and
therefore to the Adon and Osfameron/Wend/Tanamoril). One does wonder if
Clennen knew that Osfameron and Tanamoril were the same person, as he named
Moril after both of them.


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