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Mon Apr 15 17:32:21 EDT 2002

Oh dear!
Laurie said:
>And now for soemthing completely different: I recently read Briar 
>Rose, by Jane Yolen, and enjoyed it very much. Are the other books 
>in the Fairy  Tale series worth tracking down? I think there is ine 
>called "The Nightingale," and another by Steven Brust--any thoughts? 
>I tried Snow White, Rose Red already and just could not get into it.
I would say try Snow White, Rose red again -- I really enjoy it!  de 
Lint's Jack the Gaint-Killer (now published in a one book for two 
volumes as Jack of Kinrowan) is wonderful.  Pamela Dean's Tam Lin is 
fun, although not as good as F&H (obviously...sorry F&H is my 
favorite book).  Nightengale is okay.  I had fun with it mainly 
because I was studying that period of Japenese history at the time. 
Sun, Moon and Stars is not _as good_, imho, but it's still a good 
read.  The new one, White as Snow (Tanith Lee) has had good reviews, 
but I haven't read it yet..(it's supposed to be horror, and I'm 
_really_ nightmare prone)   Happy reading!
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