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Mon Apr 15 09:12:45 EDT 2002

On Saturday 13 April 2002 05:50, Melissa Proffitt wrote:

> This was an issue with a book I reviewed last year.  The title is
> _The White Dove_ and I had very low expectations because it began
> with a little sermonette by the author, essentially saying that it
> was a fantasy, but not the kind with magic in it.  Just people
> triumphing over evil by their common virtues of honesty, faith, etc.
> instead of depending on nonexistent "magic". 

I read a book once (in a doctor's waiting room of all places) that was 
a "Christian fantasy" according to the blurb; it had a unicorn in it, 
but the author went to great lengths to explain (not in a foreword or 
afterword, but whenever it turned up) that this wasn't magic, but 
allegory, a symbol for God's love that we shouldn't take literally.


It was in "our" world as well.

I think at the end the protagonist girl gave her heart to Jesus and 
didn't need to see any more unicorns because she was dwelling in God's 
love already. Eek, that sounds more questionable than I meant it :-)


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