new US ogre downstairs.

christian nutt ferricide at
Mon Apr 15 02:31:27 EDT 2002

>From: "Ania" Oh good. Welcome back.

thanks. =)

>Where is NG's blog?

he commented about dogsbody's ending a few days ago. someone brought it up 
to the list already, but if you haven't read it, it's worth checking out.

re: ogre changes

well, last night after doing a bit of digging on google i found an old post 
from this ML that mentioned that it *was* originally "commercial pop" (and 
not "disco", as i misremembered) that was changed to "classical" in the crap 
edition. after making that discovery i decided to sit down with both 
editions (new US and few-year-old UK) of ogre and compare.

what i've been doing is rereading the new US edition while the crap edition 
is fresh in my mind and anytime i hit a part where "that seems different!" 
i've been comparing. so far i've been spot-on, although it's altogether 
possible i've missed something. i'll post the results later on. there are 
changes aplenty, and "commercial pop" isn't the only one. i've been marking 
up my copy of the crap edition with a highlighter so the changes are 
immortalized. i can post them later when i'm through with the book.

the new US edition does change words to US spellings i.e. "center" for 
"centre" and "moldy" for "mouldy" but for some reason left "petrol." also, 
both editions have different things they like to hyphenate. UK: "guitar 
solo" vs. US: "guitar-solo." UK: "dining-room" vs. US: "dining room." i 
don't get it. i'd go with "guitar solo" and "dining room" personally.

as to the cover, i decided that i don't like the new US cover much at all. 
it's too whimsical and generic. i really don't like the illustration of the 
test tube on the crap edition, but the overall design of that cover is in 
more the correct tone for the book. i do like the silver foil embossing of 
DWJ's name on the new edition, though. =)

more to come.


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