OT Doctors for Melissa

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 14 19:28:53 EDT 2002

Melissa wrote

<I am fed up with going to doctors, explaining my

symptoms, and having them
give me cross-eyed "well, there's nothing WRONG 
with you" looks.  I am tired
of so-called medical professionals forcing me to 
diagnose my own problem and
then not bothering to follow up when it's clear 
that the initial diagnosis
is wrong.  I am tired of feeling like a 
hypochondriac when I'm not.>

Far too many medical doctors are arrogant buggers
who don't know as much as they think they do and
try to put the blame on the patient for their

I don't just say this from my own experience ;-)
I have also had it from several doctors! My
friend Asha is a consultant (V. big Panjandorum
doctor in the UK, during her training she was
actually told that she should aim to sound more
arrogant if she wanted to make the grade. 

<Apparently the problem is that I am violently 
allergic to something in the
air.  (This is, again, my very own diagnosis.)  
Our pollen season started
just a few weeks ago and I have spent the entire 
time gasping for air on the
couch.  But since it's bypassing my sinuses and 
going straight to my lungs,
and because I don't respond positively to asthma 
medication...well, then,
there must just be nothing wrong with me, 

Sorry.  I've been overreacting to everything bad 
that happens to me.  I'm
sorry for being cranky and mean here on the list,

because nobody needs to
hear that, and you are all such nice, wonderful 
people it makes me feel like
a big clot of nasty filthy hair clogging the 
metaphorical drain.>

I got rid of one of those just the other day and
I can assure you that nothing is further from my
mind when I think of you.

< My
personal irritation is spilling over into 
everything I do lately.  I should
just go read _The Spellcoats_ and shut up.... 

Not for long I hope. I hope they get a diagnosis
for you soon, it was a huge relief when I got
mine, and the consultant who made it is
absolutely exempt from the things I said about
Doctors above. I don't blame you at all for being

Sort of relavent: 1997 was the worse year of my
life, among other things I was housebound with a
broken leg for three months. I have just
discovered that quite a few books that I read in
that year and dismissed as mediocre are, in fact,
rather good. I was shocked at how much physical
misery coloured my perceptions. 


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