Spellcoats (minor Spoiler)

deborah deborah at suberic.net
Sun Apr 14 17:51:45 EDT 2002

A few months ago I finally sat down with all four books and made
a family tree, complete with all aliases.  I'll scan it in and
post it tonight, and people can tell me if I got it wrong
anywhere.  (I did one of these for the Voigt kingdom books, too.)

deborah at suberic.net
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On Sun, 14 Apr 2002, Ania wrote:

|JOdel, replying to moi
|> << Duck is not Osfameron, but Tanamoril.  >>
|> Actually, he was both. He's one of the undying, after all. He changes his
|> identity periodically. He was no doubt any number of other people as well.
|That makes even more sense. Was this clarified in Drowned Ammet or CoD (yet
|to be reread), or in the first two, which I just reread and I missed it?
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