new US ogre downstairs.

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Sun Apr 14 17:28:22 EDT 2002

From: christian nutt <ferricide at>

> hey. i'm back. i desubscribed for awhile when the traffic got really
> intense, but i decided to rejoin you all. =)

Oh good. Welcome back.

this was sparked by neil gaiman's comment on
> his blog about the end of dogsbody (which, after rereading, i agree with.
> liked the book very much more this time.)

Where is NG's blog?

> i can't remember where i originally read about the changes so i was
> wondering if anyone had a URL that detailed them or could remember and
> about them. anyone with the original UK edition from the 70s?
> christian

I have the 1977 UK pbk edition (ex-library, 20 pence!) with a watercolour
picture of three kids flying, wearing blue jeans and what would now be
termed 'retro' trainers (sneakers in American, I believe). It looks like the
first UK pbk ed., so it's probably changes-less. I shall read it tonight,
after I've finished rereading Weirdstone of Brisingamen.
I shall report thereafter

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