More Dalemark..

Caleb SCWoody423 at
Sun Apr 14 13:50:21 EDT 2002

I think that there's the potential for another Dalemark book from some of
the threads left hanging, specifically one set during the time when Amil the
Great united Dalemark. It's mentioned that there's good grounds to suggest
that he defeated Kankredin. We also never see someone realizing that they
are of the Undying, and I wonder whether various bits and pieces were left
for the possibility of a story along these lines. Perhaps told from the
viewpoint of a few years after the end of Crown. (I'm being a bit vague so
as to try and avoid spoilers - it should make more sense if you've read

Mind you, this is probably an expression of the fannish urge for everything
to be tied together and explained that motivates a large proportion of fan
fiction and also drives many a internet discussion group rather than
suitable material for a book :-)


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