new US ogre downstairs.

christian nutt ferricide at
Sun Apr 14 06:48:10 EDT 2002

hey. i'm back. i desubscribed for awhile when the traffic got really 
intense, but i decided to rejoin you all. =)

over the last few days i've been rereading the DWJ books i liked least to 
see how i felt about them now. this was sparked by neil gaiman's comment on 
his blog about the end of dogsbody (which, after rereading, i agree with. i 
liked the book very much more this time.)

last night that culminated in my reading the ogre downstairs for the second 
time ever. i happen to own the UK paperback edition from a few years back, 
the one that has the changes made to the text. i liked the book more the 
second time. (although i'd probably still rank it on the low side of her 
books.) at any rate, the changes got on my nerves (even though i'd never 
read the original -- just knowing they were there was enough) and the book 
(even though it was only the second time i ever read it) started to shed its 
cover by the time i was done.

tonight i went to borders (a large US chain bookstore with a wide selection 
-- i dunno if they have those in the UK or elsewhere) and browsed the DWJ 
section. there was a copy the new US edition of TOD there and i flipped 
through it. the tapes are back to being LPs, and the line about the ogre 
(paraphrase) probably listening to classical is now "commercial pop." i 
remember reading it was originally "disco" but i could be wrong. anyway, i 
decided to buy it because i hadn't bought a DWJ book in too long. and i'd 
just got paid today. =)

i prefer the new US cover:

to the cover on the other edition i had:

although i think it's a bit on the cheesy/whimsical side. i think i'm going 
to reread the book while it's fresh in my mind to note the changes.

i can't remember where i originally read about the changes so i was 
wondering if anyone had a URL that detailed them or could remember and reply 
about them. anyone with the original UK edition from the 70s?


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