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The counter problem is people who believe any alternate world
books are automatically fantasy.  This happens to Cynthia Voigt's
Jackaroo/Wings of the Falcon/On Fortune's Wheel/Elske world.  Not
a spec of magic, just a world that isn't ours.  but with our
physics and biology and such.

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On Sat, 13 Apr 2002, Sally Odgers wrote:

|> going on.  I think it was a case of thwarted expectations; he believed it
|> was standard medieval fantasy instead of a kind of alternate history, and
|> the idea of firearms mixed with magic was outside his experience.
|I know just what you mean. I've had editors *and* reviewers calling some of
|my books Time-travel when they are, obviously, other-world books. Could an
|intelligent editor *really* believe my heroine had gone back in time to the
|period when there were castles in Australia?  Yes, apparently, she could...
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