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>  The story [The Changeling] is also told so solidly from Marty's viewpoint 
that you realize 
>  that she is so wrapped up in how the world affects HER that she is missing 
> an 
>  amazing amount of what her friend Ivy is going through. It's the kind of 
>  thing she is only likely to start realizing now that she's done her memory 
>  lane number. (I predict that for the next several weeks she is going to 
>  the back of her mind kicking her at odd intervals going "...and ANOTHER 
>  thing...")

Which actually makes it quite a lot like _Fire and Hemlock_ in some ways, no?

I've just been re-reading _A Room Made of Windows_, by Eleanor Cameron, 
featuring another very wrapped-up-in-herself heroine, but one who's got 
people all over her trying to get her to be less so. "You're a selfish kid," 
is practically the first thing anyone says to her in the book. But she isn't 
being selfish for selfish reasons, if you see what I mean.

Helen Schinske
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