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<< I remember the STORY of _Black and Blue Magic_ especially as being right 
up there among the best, while the writing was less than ideal. I also loved 
_The Changeling_, but also found it's skating around issues to have pegged it 
in a different time and place. >>

Black and Blue Magic was one of Snyder's first books. The Changeling's 
skating around the abuse issue is interesting in retrospect, but it was 
absolutely not noticed at the time. You are quite right that that kind of 
avoidance is another piece of the soundness of Snyder's fixing a story in a 
specific point in time. 

The story is also told so solidly from Marty's viewpoint that you realize 
that she is so wrapped up in how the world affects HER that she is missing an 
amazing amount of what her friend Ivy is going through. It's the kind of 
thing she is only likely to start realizing now that she's done her memory 
lane number. (I predict that for the next several weeks she is going to have 
the back of her mind kicking her at odd intervals going "...and ANOTHER 

The Changeling is also rather interesting in that what it actually spun off 
(some time later) was Snyder's incredibly PC fantasy trillogy "Below the 
Root" and its sequals. (Which has the distinction of being one of the only 
CHILDREN'S fantasies (as opposed to YA) in which the solution is for the hero 
to deliberately sacrifice his life to safeguard his society.

A couple of years ago I mentioined Snyder to the lady in cahrge of the 
California Historical Society bookshop when I was up in St. Frizz for 
MacWorld. Her work really seems to be a perfect match to their interests.
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