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Robyn Starkey rohina at
Fri Apr 12 11:37:53 EDT 2002

> > to see if DWJ's other comments are accurate. I do feel in part that Sing
> > the 4 Quarters was spoiled for me by reading the sequel, which was all
> > about dead people and quite vile.
>I didn't enjoy the next two sequels as much as the first, but I certainly
>wouldn't call it vile. I'm curious about why you feel that.

Well, I think it was that in contrast to Garth Nix, she didn't really make 
all the horrible things she was describing with regard to dead people 
horrible enough, really. So while you read the book you were kind of sucked 
in to thinking it was acceptable, but on reflection, I just felt a lot of 
the book was disgusting.

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