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Fri Apr 12 11:25:57 EDT 2002

So yesterday I was going for a walk with a friend of mine who
started talking about "that book, you know, the one with Lavinia
and the witches and the manhole cover."  I didn't know what she
meant, but she insisted I must have read the book.  When we
returned home, 30 minutes of diligent web searches turned up
nothing.  Finally, in desparation, I searched on usenet and
turned up someone asking a similar question in
rec.arts.sf.written (why isn't that in the rec.arts.books
hierarchy?  That's where I searched first).  One of the answers
which looked viable referred to a book called The Mystical Beast,
by Alison Farthing.  A Google search on that title and author
turned up two links.  So I followed on of those links and started
reading it.  "That's funny,"  I said, after a minute.  "These
people are clearly DWJ fans."  I looked again.  "Wait a sec -- I
know these people.  Wait a sec -- i know this *list*!"

So were it not for us, my friend would have believed she'd
imagined the entire book.  ;)  Yay us!

deborah at suberic.net
Before everything else I'm a human being.
					- Nora, _A Dolls' House_

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