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  Hallie wrote:


      Thanks for the link, Hallie! Interesting articles.

      Actually, although I enjoyed _Sing the Four Quarters_ very much, I don't think it's a work of literary genius, and if asked to recommend one book, I wouldn't choose it, and I was surprised to see DWJ do so.

  I almost got the feeling she was answering a different question than all the others.  But this is probably just essay-writing paranoia being projected here. :)

  I must share the same paranoia then! I also felt that her response was a bit odd. Claiming that a book is your favourite (I can't remember if that was the exact term used in this article) because of the depiction of pregnancy is a little bit strange. It's great to read something like that, but it certainly wasn't the main reason I enjoyed _Sing the Four Quarters_ so much.

  Hey, do you think DWJ could be (somehow, belatedly) pregnant? :-)) 


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