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As someone who has taught medievalism to Australian University students, I 
would have to say that I wouldn't worry about the length of Dark Lord of 
Derholm, because it isn't THAT long, and compared to lots of other novels, 
it is pretty easy and quick to read. I would love to teach it as part of a 
medievalism course because it challenges so many genre conventions; but 
that would work well as the last book, once you have established some 

My favourite pick of your other suggestions would definitely be Fire and 
Hemlock, because there is so much in it, plus there is that essay by DWJ 
which would make for an interesting jumping-off point for a class 
discussion. I think it is probably longer, in the sense of harder to read, 
than Derk. Do you get more than one week to spend on each text?

If your focus is on how to teach the books to students, then I would have 
to agree with the recommendation of Howl, and the reasons.

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