Which DWJ?

Ania theania at freeuk.com
Thu Apr 11 20:10:16 EDT 2002

> The other fantasy novel I'll be teaching is Pete Hautman's Mr. Was, which
> has been a big hit everytime.  I highly recommend it.  If you want to see
> the rest of the reading list, I'll be happy to post it.

Oh yes, do!

> Anyway, any suggestions that you have (you know, which dwj would YOU like
> to read and discuss in your college course?) would be greatly
> appreciated...
> Jackie Stallcup

I'd vote for Deep Secret, but that's my favourite (and second in the poll we
held on the list - first was Fire and Hemlock). But really, I have come to
the conclusion that DWJ's output is so varied that you have to read the lot,
and then you can see the common themes and what could be termed the great
DWJ scheme of things, and that sort of makes it all much more satisfying.
(Did that make sense?)

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