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>I've just reread Spellcoats, paying attention to the dating thereof. There
>aren't many clues, except that it feels very ancient, iron age would feel
>about right.

I always thought it was meant to be more like early medieval, from the 
technology. After all, they are in a pretty big war zone, so some of the 
things which made it feel primitive and tribal are the result of the war, 

>Spoiler space
>is Osfameron. How does this compute with the Iron Age theory? Or did he live
>a very long time, as one of the Undying? Any ideas?

The Undying are just that. The One has been around since the beginning of 
time, and Tanamil and presumably their mother also almost this long. In 
Crown of Dalemark, both Tanaqui and Duck reappear. It isn't exactly clear 
what they have been doing all that time, but they have both had more than 
one identity and lifetime. There is a really telling comment in Spellcoats 
about things always going a bit strange when ordinary people are with the 
Undying (this happens in the other books, too). I always thought that meant 
that perhaps time runs a little differently for them.

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