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I've just reread Spellcoats, paying attention to the dating thereof. There
aren't many clues, except that it feels very ancient, iron age would feel
about right. But.
But, how long ago did looms develop into the fairly sophisticated, yet
portable, tools? It must be an advanced loom if Tanaqui wove something as
complicated as a rugcoat on it. I believe early looms were just a frame with
the warp (terminology?) threads weighted with stones or something. Tanaqui
evidently uses a more advanced model, presumably with a shuttle and some
mechanism for reversing the position of the shed (shed is the space between
threads when they are separated in order to pass the shuttle through them;
then their position is reversed for the next row. If it isn't done with
pedals, there is a special tool for it, basically a long piece of wood with
alternating holes and slots. I am not a weaver; the above is a dim
recollection from reading something on the subject, so it may be not quite
right, but I think I got the gist of it)
Anyway, I do not think they had those in the iron age, but Ven probably
knows better, or at least knows where to look it up.
The other 'but' really threw me when I read C&C. In it it is stated that
Osfameron lived about 200 years before C&C. But in the note at the end of
Spellcoats it says that Duck

Spoiler space

is Osfameron. How does this compute with the Iron Age theory? Or did he live
a very long time, as one of the Undying? Any ideas?
> Jodel said
> <Spellcoats, to me, feels a good bit earlier than
> medieval. Almost like a
> tribal culture. Possibly even a Bronze Age
> culture, if the technology allows
> for it (the earliest period for the technological
> development of a grist mill
> on the scale of the one the family was hiding out
> in would seem to be the
> determining factor, but Dalemark, by a number of
> indications appears to be a
> bit more technologically advanced than our
> world.). >
> I don't think Dalemark's development can be
> closely analogous to ours as there is no sign of
> anything like the Roman empire and, hence, no
> "Dark" Ages and no Renaissance.
> I think the society in the Spellcoats marks it as
> later than the bronze Age. Basically  Tanaqui's
> Kingdom is an early state. I would put it at late
> iron age.
> Because of the kings in Spellcoats, who seem just
> a bit more than tribal chiefs, I think it would
> have to be late Iron age, at the earliest.
> This is definitely something to think about on
> the reread.
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> Ven
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