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Ven vendersleighc at
Wed Apr 10 17:54:32 EDT 2002

Jodel said

<Spellcoats, to me, feels a good bit earlier than

medieval. Almost like a 
tribal culture. Possibly even a Bronze Age 
culture, if the technology allows 
for it (the earliest period for the technological

development of a grist mill 
on the scale of the one the family was hiding out

in would seem to be the 
determining factor, but Dalemark, by a number of 
indications appears to be a 
bit more technologically advanced than our 
world.). >

I don't think Dalemark's development can be
closely analogous to ours as there is no sign of
anything like the Roman empire and, hence, no
"Dark" Ages and no Renaissance.   

I think the society in the Spellcoats marks it as
later than the bronze Age. Basically  Tanaqui's
Kingdom is an early state. I would put it at late
iron age.

Because of the kings in Spellcoats, who seem just
a bit more than tribal chiefs, I think it would
have to be late Iron age, at the earliest. 

This is definitely something to think about on
the reread.


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