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>  Snyder recently (97) produced a sequel to THE EGYPT GAME (as someone says
>  below) Called THE GYPSY GAME. And it might be PC, but it has the same tone,
>  umpteen  years later... No modernising at all, but it could be any time
>  really, from the 60s on.

Yes, there was too modernizing! There are lots of 90's details in _The Gypsy 
Game_. Ken's pants falling down (his name is Ken, isn't it?) is the detail I 
remember best (the too-big pants with no belt is a regrettable fashion that 
one still sees occasionally). Basically she did an Antonia Forest and set it 
in "the present," only a different present from the previous book.

What about _The Changeling_? Another really incredible book, though I re-read 
it recently and realized how many abuse issues she was skating around. You 
wonder if Marty ever gets to hear the whole story.

And I do adore _Black and Blue Magic_.

I'd say she's one of the writers who here and there really got under my skin 
and became part of me, though many of her other books I don't actually like 
that much, which is odd for me, because I usually become nuts about the 
entire output of any author who does that much for me. (What a terrible 
sentence, but oh, well.)

Helen Schinske
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