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Ven vendersleighc at
Thu Apr 4 20:17:13 EST 2002

On the subject of a Spellcoats discussion:

I said
>Not a bad idea -- I'd like to be on the defense
>team from the start this time.

and Hallie replied

Lol.  Defense as in a ready-made Spellcoats fan, 
or defense as 
opposed to being the er - captain?

I knew there was something ambiguous about that
sentence but I couldn't spot it. Defense as in I
really really like The Spellcoats. I'll not put
in for Captain.

(The image that I have for "being Captain"
is a black cat sat bolt upright on a dining
chair. When I was a kid if our cat sat in Dad's
place at the table Dad would ask if he was
"setting himself up to be Captain".)

Is _Spellcoats_ next officially, or do we want to

consider doing the 
Quartet in order?

I never thought of doing the whole quartet, one
after another. It makes sense but it's quite a
lot to commit ourselves to. And rather painful
for those who just don't take to the series (I
think we have at least one). Mmmmmmmmm.


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