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Various people:

>>>I always thought that Spellcoats was the first - because it's set in much
>>>older times than the others, sort of early mediaeval, then C&C -
>>>renaissance-ish, then the others, early modern/pre-industrial. Or have I got
>>>it completely wrong?
>>Apparently, but you are wrong in company with me. I always assumed
>>Spellcoats was first until the recent paperback re-edition which numbers
>>the books from 1-4, and Spellcoats is 3. I don't really understand this.
>>For a long time it was pretty much a stand-alone book until Crown of
>>Dalemark used a couple of the characters in a tangential way. It certainly
>>takes place a lot earlier than the other three books, but clearly this is
>>no reason to regard it as early in a series.
> Wait! _That's_ the way in which I read them! I do have that paperback
> re-edition you're talking about  - if it's a US one. It was said on the
> covers and I read them like that: 1, Cart and Cwidder, 2, Drowned Ammet, 3,
> The Spellcoats, 4, The Crown of Dalemark.
> But even so, I, for some reason, always thought and felt that Spellcoats
> were taking place much earlier than the others -  isn't that right?
> Well, I felt you had a different feeling for the country when you had read
> the first two ones and was going on Spellcoats. Then you could feel with
> Tanaqui much more... Maybe that's a reason to number them like that? Or was
> it just a mistake?

Well, that is the order in which they were written.

Spellcoats is really a stand-alone novel, but there is Elthorar's note at the
back to tie it into the Dalemark series.  The implication is (Kialan mentions it
in Crown) that the coats were unearthed and Elthorar's translation written at
the end of the interregnum - the period of C&C, DA and most of Crown.








The action in Spellcoats does indeed take place several centuries before the
other books - Hern is supposedly the first king of Dalemark, whereas in the
later books, king Labard and the Adon lived about 200 years before the
restoration, the implication being that Hern was some centuries before that.

According to Wend in Crown, Duck/Mallard (Wend's original persona) later became
Osfameron, who (according to Keril (?) in C&C) was supposedly born the year king
Labard died.

Incidentally, there is no reason, even without Crown to tie them together, to
suppose that C&C takes place any earlier than DA.  The storm which caused the
Northerners to put into Holand, leading to the executions that Hildy and Ynen
didn't watch, was that which blew away Clennen's tent.  Kialan escaped to the
North with Clennen because he was too young to be executed with Hildy and Ynen's
cousins all watching...

OK, Spellcoats is next on my rereading list.  Anyone set a date for the start of
the official discussion?


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