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Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 2 13:53:13 EST 2002

>The novelist Kate Forsyth was a guest of the convention and was one of the
>members of the panel.  She seems to be a keen DWJ fan and had done her
>research on the Diana Wynne Jones site.  Kate has written a fantasy series
>_The Witches of Eileanan_.  Has anyone read it?  Based on Kate's enthusiasm
>for DWJ I'm thinking that I might have to find it and give it a go...

I've read it, well the first 5 books. It has some excellent qualities, but 
it isn't really that original, just one of those fantasy sagas with way too 
many characters, a lost king, etc. I think someone ought to have said to 
her, you have enough ideas for settings and types of magic in this saga to 
make 6 books, but not enough plot, so instead of jamming it all together, 
why don't you go away and think up some good storylines. She is good at 
description, and the writing is generally unannoying, except for her little 
bits of scottish dialogue, which just gets tedious after a while.

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