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> On Mon, 1 Apr 2002, Jenny Holmstrom wrote:
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> > >order controversies?  Copies of the books I've
> seen give Cart and Cwidder 
> > >as the first of the series, Drowned Ammet second,
> Spellcoats third, and 
> > >Crown of Dalemark fourth.
> > Yes, that's the same order as I've read them in.
> But that's just the order 
> > to read them, not the chronological one.

Me too.  I tend to prefer to read books in their
published order because, well, that's usually the
order the authors wrote them in.  Unless the author
has been sticking with some master plan with
everything detailed out, it's likely that the
characters, world, and even the style evolve the more
the author works with them, and so earlier (published)
books read differently from the later books.  


> (Of course, once I've read a series in the "right"
> [read--published]
> order, I tend to reread it in chronological order. I
> always started the
> Narnia books with Magician's Nephew, my
> second-favorite, and stuck in my
> favorite, The Horse and His Boy, before Prince
> Caspian. Then, of course, I
> always had to actively convince myself to read The
> Last Battle.)

I have a problem with reading the Narnia Chronicles in
chronological order.  Have you noticed, with
Magician's Nephew, that he keeps referring back to THe
Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  I found it
immensely irritating and would've been even more
irritated if I'd read the series the first time in
chronological order.  Also, LWW hooked me in a way
that Magician's Nephew couldn't.  For me, the Narnia
story always starts with the wardrobe opening into
Narnia and discovering a world where animals talked.  

And I *will* reread Spellcoats as soon as I can get a
copy from the library.  


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